I did this one a couple of years ago. ( property of Playlore Game Works)



This one was made to practice sketchup, it's my third model I guess. I'm giving a try with the vehicles. The name is a joke with a friend.

Essa imagem foi feita apenas pra praticar o sketchup. Acho que é minha terceira tentativa, mas tenho muita coisa pra aprender. Estou tentando explorar esse lado dos veículos. Nunca fui muito fã de carros mas confesso que estou gostando . O nome Azoo-lee é uma brincadeira com um amigo




This one I forgot to post last year. He's some sort of bucaneer I guess... I also did this one based on one of my childhood drawings.


Pih - Kwo

Concept made to push my creative/painting workflow. I need to exercise more , to learn more... I'm trying to be more patient and investigate new ways of making it..


Salvo, meet Cristobal

Salvo, my friend! This is for you Mr. Bombara, I know I should have sent your drawing so long ago.. I don't want to give you anymore excuses.. So i decided to make this post an homage to you, for not giving up =) i have to send the drawing for you! This is the drawing I did for you but the original its not colored . At least now you're seeing what I did =) Cristobal is part of a story created by the band Civaia, He's a guerrilla fighter in Angola's civil War. I just developed his visuals, trying to mix reality, the representative issues of it, Man, Gun, Vulture. That's all for now, I owe you one, Salvo =) Rael