Salvo, meet Cristobal

Salvo, my friend! This is for you Mr. Bombara, I know I should have sent your drawing so long ago.. I don't want to give you anymore excuses.. So i decided to make this post an homage to you, for not giving up =) i have to send the drawing for you! This is the drawing I did for you but the original its not colored . At least now you're seeing what I did =) Cristobal is part of a story created by the band Civaia, He's a guerrilla fighter in Angola's civil War. I just developed his visuals, trying to mix reality, the representative issues of it, Man, Gun, Vulture. That's all for now, I owe you one, Salvo =) Rael

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Salvo said...

I'll never be able to thank you enough for that. It's an AMAZING illustration, a perfect expression of your enormous talent.
I'm speechless.
Thank you again, my friend!