Some time ago the great Ivan Brandon invited me to do a pinup for one of his comic stories: Viking. A story with an interesting and original approach to the theme and to the matter of crime. The title is being published by Image comics and illustrated with the gorgeous art of Nic Klein. My contribution its not for the cover but for a gallery of invited artist. Its always good to be part of so nice projects. They remember me that its possible to make good and original stuff( story and art) with comics.
Thanks Ivan! And for you guys and girls out there, put your hands on the Viking series, its already on issue #3!


Salvo said...

Sorry Rael, last time I forgot my addy: cenobite77@yahoo.it
Please email me if you have time!

Fernando Jorge said...

Meu Deus! Toda vez que entro aqui tenho que chamar um palavrão.
Sei que é feio mas é inevitável. Parabéns Rael! :) Tu "sois" ninja!

Rafael de Latorre said...

Curto demais seu trampo Rael! Esses vikings estão demais

Ximenes said...

Oh, os vikings ficaram muito legais.