Tropic Routine

A peace force of spanish royal navy mecchas designed to maintain the order in a small french province at Caribbean that collapsed after a coup d'etat. after some stressful months of guerilla warfare, anyone is suspected, nobody leaves the islands and maybe for an A.I, birds can be very tricky too.. (As you may have noticed the design is very inspired on Evangelion's series, including that supply cable).



speedpainting. the cloudy weather its something that always caught my eyes.. something serious and truthful about it.

O Tempo nublado sempre me chamou a atenção. Existe algo muito reto e verdadeiro a respeito dele..



Some time ago the great Ivan Brandon invited me to do a pinup for one of his comic stories: Viking. A story with an interesting and original approach to the theme and to the matter of crime. The title is being published by Image comics and illustrated with the gorgeous art of Nic Klein. My contribution its not for the cover but for a gallery of invited artist. Its always good to be part of so nice projects. They remember me that its possible to make good and original stuff( story and art) with comics.
Thanks Ivan! And for you guys and girls out there, put your hands on the Viking series, its already on issue #3!


The RichCousin

A manned robot, working in the underworld of Kets he is a known merchant of rare delicacies of doubtful origin, such as spices, perfumes and used eletronic devices
He also uses his speakers system to make some audio ads.



Another concept based on a pirate I created when I was a child =)



He encontrado un dibujo de cuando yo era un niño. Bueno, lo use como concepto para esta pintura.



Catch that fox!

Si, y ahora yo tengo que escribir en español, dedicado a mis amigas de Chile, per supuesto. Esta pintura, creo que sea algún tipo de caza del zorro, ok Ruth? Saludos!



Hello, long time without posting. Unfortunately I can't show here some of the things I have been doing, so I decided last night to make this cartoony fella to put here . Bye!

Olá, já faz um tempo que não posto nada aqui, tenho feito algumas coisas mas infelizmente não posso mostrar aqui no blog, então decidi ontem à noite fazer esse carinha pra ter algo novo pra colocar aqui. Tchau!