The Languinis

Another gang. They have more members. I'll post'em later. From left to right: Robotinaco, Babaganush And Falafel, Coffin, Madruguinha, Above and Bit-Bit.
Outra gang. Existem mais membros. Depois eu jogo eles aqui também. Da esquerda pra direita: Robotinaco, Babaganush e Falafel, Coffin, Madruguinha, Above e Bit-Bit.



Maloca Gang. Its a material that I developed last year, based in some ideas that I had, when I was working with comics, but in really sketchy level. Now, I'm giving myself the chance of take a little more care of this universe. Nothing pretensious btw. It's really just to feed the creation process. This gang uses mostly knives, swords and baseball bats. From left to right: Zizu, Chubby Storm, Primo, Book, Mocotó and Seba.