HoC- Chié und Hotpocket

Two dissidents from da House of Cal: Chié und Hotpocket.
I suppose they are some sort of relecture of Cervantes Dom Quixote.
Chié use to be one of the tutors from the house and Hot P. one of his pupils. Hotpocket was the chosen one to carry Chié's honorable sword: A giant 357 Magnum. Chié is a litlle slow, due to his big arm, so he compensates this lack of movement with a great sniper skill and his sensitive sword.
Fact: Chié its how The fiddler Crab is called here in Olinda, my town.


Toma said...

Pô, Rael!
Caramba, que legal isso!
Sei que a gente se conhece há pouco tempo, e só pela net, mas posso te xingar?
Que demais!
Grande abraço!

Carlos Ranna said...

Very nice characters again. Those gangster are all great, and i´m curious to see them all together sometimes. Wait... There will probably have a lot of shooting then.... Maybe that´s not such a good idea...

I really dig the background, by the way.

Jean Fhilippe said...

sua criatividade da um tapa na cara de qualquer um
grande rael!

iumazark said...

vc é incrivel rapaz
muito detalista i
nossa adoro esses seus personas de gangue

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Anonymous said...

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Silvio dB said...

Fala Rael..Esse trabalho tá ficando muito legal. Ficarei de olho a espera de mais notícias!!


Sam Rowan said...

amazing work dude